Dear colleagues and friends, dear heritage and civil society activists all over Europe,

We all have no words for the aggression of Russia's government against Ukraine which had started one year ago. And we still do not have tools to stop what is going on since twelve months in Ukraine, and we do not have a perspective when this horrible war would finally finish.

The only one what we can do is to create awareness among a wider public, mentally to support our friends and colleagues in Ukraine as well as the members of the civil society in Russia who express their protest against the invasion as well as practically to contribute to the resuce and the protection of cultural heritage in Ukraine by delivering urgently needed equipment, tools, and materials.


In order to do so, European Heritage Volunteers Network and its partners throughout Europe facilitated a few days after the beginning of the aggression a joint statement under the title “Heritage is universal – Peace is universal” which is you can download here.

Institutions, organisations and initiatives from various heritage fields from almost twenty countries all over Europe and beyond signed the statement, and we are convinced that much more will join in the future.

Today, one year after the beginning of the agression, the statement is not less actual than it had been twelve months ago.  

We warmly invite you to sign the statement, too, as well as widely to spread it on your websites and Social Media channels using the hashtags #heritageisuniversal and #peaceisuniversal.


In order to sign the statement “Heritage is universal – Peace is universal”, please, send the name of your institution, organisation or initiative in both your national language and in English, the place and the country where your institution, organisation or initiative is based as well as your logo by email to

In addition, please, share your Social Media contacts; European Heritage Volunteers is using Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, but other Social Media are welcome as well.

Please, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as follow this section on our website. We will publish here regularly the actualised list of signatories including all institutions, organisations and initiatives who will have expressed their decision to sign the statement – you can download it from here and further spread.   


Let’s join our forces and hope that the situation will become better soon.

Warm regards to all of you. In particular our thoughts are with our friends and colleagues in Ukraine.

The team of European Heritage Volunteers Network 

European Heritage Volunteers