European Heritage Volunteers regularily organises trainings for technical instructors in order to strenghten the international exchange not only on the level of the participating organisations and institutions and on the level of the participants themselves, but also among the technical instructors.

Due to the limitations created by the COVID-19 pandemic there is no joint international training for technical instructors foreseen for 2021, however, a training for instructors is planned to be held in 2022.

In order nevertheless to support the international exchange on the level of the technical instructors, the good practices cross-border to exchange technical instructors within the European Heritage Volunteers Programme will be continued. In the last years, among others following exchanges took place: technical instructors from Bulgaria and Serbia supported a heritage volunteers project in Armenia, an instructor from Germany a training course in Albania, an instructor from North Macedonia a training course in Kosovo.

For 2021 exchanges are planned which will involve instructors resp. partner organisations and institutions in Albania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Spain. Further exchanges are under preparation.

Craftsmen and heritage professionals who are interested in participating in the training for technical instructors or in the international exchange of instructors are kindly asked to approach us by email. 

European Heritage Volunteers