European Heritage Volunteers regularly organises European Heritage Training Courses in traditional handcraft techniques. These training courses aim to both skilled young craftsmen as well as to interested amateurs without formal education, but with practical experience in handicraft.

The courses focus on traditional carpentry, traditional masonry, traditional clay techniques and others and provide knowledge in techniques which had been essential in the traditional practice of these handicrafts, but which came out of use during the last decades, mostly because they are – in comparison with nowadays used approaches – significant more time-consuming and therefore understood as “not effective ones”.

European Heritage Volunteers aims to conserve and to distribute this knowledge by European Heritage Training Courses which are led either by experienced older craftsmen with own long-year experience in the field either by younger craftsmen with additional education in traditional techniques, certificated with the title “Restorer in Handicraft” and which are taking place on-site at endangered heritage sites, contributing to their conservation, restoration and revitalisation.

Furthermore, European Heritage Volunteers supports the conceptual development and realisation of similar courses that are then carried out by its partner organisations or institutions in other European countries.


European Heritage Training Courses are either organised in combination with European Heritage Volunteers Projects resp. Partner Projects, either as separate Training Courses. In general, Training Courses in traditional carpentry, traditional masonry, dry stone walling, stone cutting, earth building, restoration of ceramics and other topics are available.

In 2019, Training Courses aiming to the "Restoration of historic windows and doors" and to the "Restoration of historic plasters and coloured surfaces" will take place.

In addition, most of the heritage volunteering projects content an extensive training part, so f.e. in traditional carpentry, traditional masonry, construction of traditional vaults, middle age building techniques and others.

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