The project will take place in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, Rhineland-Palatinate, as a part of the project “Maintenance of a Cultural Landscape and Traditional Dry Stone Techniques” which is more detailed described under the category "Cultural Landscapes".

The area has been used over centuries for winegrowing and had been therefore terraced.
The dry stone walls between the terraces are nowadays partly fallen into decay because of the fact that a lot of the former vineyards are out of use, that the maintenance of the dry stone walls is physically demanding and that the knowledge about traditional techniques is disappearing.

In Spay, a small town on the left bank of the Rhine, some years ago a very active citizens initiative named "Green Thumb" had been founded that cares for the local environment. In 2017, in the frame of a European Heritage Volunteers Partner Project the restoration of damaged parts of historic dry stone walls had been restored in an inspiring cooperation of this local initiative and international volunteers from three continents.

In 2018, the project will continue: Under the professional guidance of experienced craftsmen and with the active support of local citizens damaged parts of the historical dry stone walls along a highly frequented hiking trail crossing the former wine yards in the direct neighbourhood of Spay will be restored and additional knowledge about this traditional technique will be provided to the participants.


The project will take place from August, 12th, to August, 25th, 2018, in Upper Middle Rhine Valley. The part dealing with traditional dry stone walling will take place in the second week of the project, so from August, 20th, to August, 24th, 2018, and will be organised in cooperation with the citizens initiative "Grüner Daumen" ("Green Thumb") Spay.