The project will take place at the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Classical Weimar" in Thuringia, as a part of the project "Restoration and Maintenance of Historical Parks and Gardens" that is more detailed described under the category "Historical Parks & Gardens".

The so called "kitchen garden" at the Southern edge of Belvedere Park, a castle's landscape park from the 19th century, had been arranged as well in the 19th century as a combined fruit, vegetable and flower garden. The dry stone walls as the formative element of the garden are ruinous and shall be protected against progressive decay and in the next years successive restored. Since the dry stone walls are an important habitat for wild bees and other rare insects the restoration needs to be carried out extremely carefully.

In the frame of the 2018 intervention the first steps towards the restoration of the dry stone walls will be undertaken: Plants that damage the walls will be carefully taken away, the walls will be documented, the stones that had fallen down over decades will be collected, their original places determined, smaller areas will be restored and the cap stones will be placed back. The works will be guided by a bricklayer specialised on historic walls and traditional techniques that will provide during the study part additional theoretical knowledge in this field.


The project will take place from July, 28th, to August, 11th, 2018, and will be organised in cooperation with Klassik Stiftung Weimar (Weimar Classic Foundation) and Grüne Liga Thüringen (Thuringian Green League).