European Heritage Volunteers aims to provide opportunities for heritage activists, mainly representatives of younger generations, to network in appropriate ways.

European Heritage Volunteers was one of the organisers of the World Heritage Young Experts Forum which was held as a part of the World Heritage Committee session in Germany. The Forum brought together young professionals with backgrounds in cultural, natural or intangible heritage from more than thirty countries world-wide, enabling an inspiring and fruitful international exchange of heritage-related experiences, approaches and examples of best practices.

Out of the World Heritage Young Experts Forum the Young Heritage Experts initiative was born aiming to maintain exchanges between young professionals in the field of heritage. European Heritage Volunteers supports the establishment and further development of the initiative, and serves as a mentor for the project.

Additionally, European Heritage Volunteers regularly organises seminars that bring together coordinators of heritage initiatives from all over Europe in order to facilitate exchanges between different initiatives and organisations, to enable networking and to promote interaction and cooperation.