In order to promote the idea of volunteering for heritage European Heritage Volunteers produced two exhibitions - one exhibition about "Volunteering for European Cultural Heritage" and one exhibition about the "UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers".


The exhibition about "Volunteering for European Cultural Heritage" will be presented during the European Year of Cultural Heritage at various occasions: In June 2018 it will be presented in the frame of the European Heritage Summit, from July to October 2018 in Weimar (Germany, Thuringia) at the former Garden Inspector’s House of Belvedere Castle Complex and in November 2018 alongside the conference "Volunteering for European Cultural Heritage" and at "denkmal 2018", Europe's Leading Trade Fair for Conservation, Restoration and Old Buildings Renovation in Leipzig. 

The exhibition "Volunteering for European Cultural Heritage" currently exists only in an English version and consists of ten panels, every of a size of 198 cm x 85 cm. The exhibition provides general information about European Heritage Volunteering Projects and presents every European Heritage Volunteers Project resp. European Heritage Volunteers Partner Project on a separate panel.

After the season 2018 the exhibition will be actualised and extended and will be available to be presented at other occasions and in other exhibition places, too.

In winter 2018 / 2019 a German version will be prepared that is foreseen to be presented as a permanent exhibition in Weimar, but that will be available for shorter periods to be presented at other exhibition places in Germany, too.


The exhibition about "UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers" exists in a German and an English version and both versions currently consist of ten panels, every of a size of 198 cm x 85 cm – two panels explaining the World Heritage Volunteers initiative in general, one panel showing all World Heritage Volunteers projects worldwide since the beginning of the initiative on a map, four panels presenting high quality World Heritage Volunteers projects in Europe, and three panels presenting per one project in the UNESCO regions Africa, Asia and the Pacific and in Latin America.

The exhibition shows projects at cultural and natural World Heritage sites as well as projects at sites inscribed on the World Heritage List and sites of the particualr national Tentative Lists. The projects in Europe had been selected while also taking in account the aim to illustrate the diversity of cultural heritage – showing a historical town, a complex of castles and the surrounding parks, an industrial heritage site from the 19th century and a former military site.

The German version of the exhibition about "World Heritage Volunteers" is presented since 2015 as a permanent exhibition in Weimar at the former Garden Inspector’s House of Belvedere Castle Complex. The exhibition is accompanied by video sequences of some of the presented World Heritage Volunteers projects in Europe. The exhibition is open in the summer season daily except Monday, from October till April from Monday to Friday. In the summer season international volunteers from European Heritage Volunteers are available for the visitors answering their questions concerning UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers in general, the UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers project at Belvedere Park and other opportunities of volunteering for cultural heritage. In the meantime the exhibitiond been attended by more than 13,000 visitors.

The English version of the exhibition had been presented in June 2015 in the framework of the World Heritage Young Experts Forum at Fortress Ehrenbreitstein in Koblenz (Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate) and in July 2015 at the 39th Session of the World Heritage Committee in Bonn (Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia).

Furthermore, the exhibition had been presented during some of the UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers projects having taken place in 2015, 2016 and 2017 in Europe in order to strengthen the network of the participating organisations and institutions.

Both exhibitions are produced in the same design so that they can be presented either separately either in combination.


In case you would be interested to present one or the other of the mentioned exhibitions in the framework of an activity linked to heritage, to volunteering or to both topics, do not hesitate to contact us. Depending on the time and the place you plan to present the exhibition, the duration, the kind of transport and other parameters we would be able or to send either the whole exhibition inclusive the presentation system, the panels without the presentation system or only the files to print the panels at your place yourself.