The projects providing knowledge in the field of the „Maintenance and Restoration of Historical Parks and Gardens” are organised since 2011. Till now, all projects had been taken place at the World Heritage site “Classical Weimar”. This enabled European Heritage Volunteers – having its seat in Weimar – to develop the concept in close cooperation with Weimar Classic Foundation, the responsible site management, and to improve the project from year to year in a way that the concept can be transferred to other heritage sites, too. From 2017 or 2018 on similar projects will take place at other heritages sites, too.

The main field of activities are garden and park archaeology and practical restoration works. At the heritage site “Classical Weimar” the volunteers restore a system of historical paths in the Southern part of Belvedere Park, based on plans from the early 19th century, carefully search for remains of the original paths which disappeared several decades ago, and uncover and restore their tracks. So, year by year another section of the paths is rebuilt.

Secondly, the volunteers carry out maintenance works in other parks and gardens of “Classical Weimar”, helping the site management in works which can only be undertaken manually, such as cutting long-grass meadows on slopes. At the same time, the volunteers gain a detailed and varied knowledge about the different parks and gardens of the World Heritage Site and the challenges in managing them.

The educational part of the project informs the volunteers about the historical background of the heritage site, provides knowledge about historical landscape architecture and traditional gardening and includes lectures and guided tours about “Classical Weimar” as well as excursions to related heritage sites.


In 2016, European Heritage Volunteers organised one project dealing with the „Maintenance and Restoration of Historical Parks and Gardens“:

The project took place in Weimar, Germany, and was the continuation of the above described projects having taken place since 2011.

As in the previous years, also the 2016 project has been carried out in the frame of the UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers initiative. Find more information and some impressions of the projects “Parks and Gardens of Classical Weimar” here.

In 2017, the project “Parks and Gardens of Classical Weimar” will be continued. It is foreseen that the project will take place during August 2017. The exact date and the detailed description will be published in February.

Projects at other historical parks and gardens are currently under discussion and will be published in February, too.