European Heritage Volunteers regularly organises Partner Projects Networking Meetings to gather representatives of the different organisations and institutions involved in various European countries in European Heritage Volunteers Partner Projects. These meetings allow the participating organisations and institutions to exchange experiences and best practice models, to develop common quality standards and to enable interaction and cooperation concerning the European Heritage Volunteers Partner Projects as well as concerning other topics.

The costs for board and lodging during these meetings are covered by European Heritage Volunteers.
If the participating organisation or institution had organised a European Heritage Volunteers Partner Project in the previous year or if a project submitted by the organisation or organisation for the current year will be accepted as a European Heritage Volunteers Partner Project a part of the travel costs will be reimbursed by European Heritage Volunteers, too.

The next Partner Projects Networking Meeting will take place from February, 5th, to February, 9th, 2017, in Weimar, Germany, and will content the evaluation of the 2016 project cycle as well as the preparation for the 2017 cycle.

We warmly recommend organisations and institutions planning to apply for a European Heritage Volunteers Partner Project 2017 to take part at this meeting.