European Heritage Volunteers is hosting both Planning Seminars and Evaluation Seminars for the World Heritage Volunteers initiative, partly for the whole initiative and partly only for its European branch.

Usually the seminars are taking place in Weimar, the seat of European Heritage Volunteers, and Ossmannstedt Manor House, a seminar venue near Weimar.

The aim of the seminars is to prepare respective to evaluate the particular project cycle of the World Heritage Volunteers initiative and to strengthen the network of the institutions and organisations organising World Heritage Volunteers projects. The programme usually combines presentations, workshops, discussions in the plenary and in smaller groups with excursions and guided tours at the World Heritage site Classical Weimar.

The seminars are organised in cooperation with UNESCO World Heritage Centre, which is responsible for the general direction and the supervision of the World Heritage Volunteers initiative. The educational part linked to the Wold Heritage site Classical Weimar is organised in cooperation with Klassik Stiftung Weimar (Weimar Classic Foundation), the responsible management of the World Heritage site.

The seminars are open to all organisations and institutions organising World Heritage Volunteers projects and free of charge for the participants.


Beside representatives of most of the European World Heritage Volunteers projects so far representatives from Africa (Madagascar, Nigeria, Zimbabwe), Arab States (Bahrain, Morocco, Tunisia), Asia (China, Indonesia, Philippines, Viet Nam) and Latin America (Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela) have taken part in World Heritage Volunteers Planning and / or Evaluation Seminars.


European Heritage Volunteers